Grilling Up Garden Goodness

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Herbs, veggies and grills are perfect summer partners! Just as in the kitchen, herbs and veggies team well with each other or with meat, poultry or fish, on the grill. Here are some “What goes with what?” suggestions: •    Asparagus- chervil, dill, tarragon •    Broccoli- caraway, dill, mint, oregano •    Brussels sprouts- basil, borage, caraway,… Read more »

A Hot and Juicy-Leaved Trend…. Mixed Succulent Containers

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Have you seen them? They’re everywhere lately… flaunting their plump, fuzzy, pokey twisty or flat-leaved stuff…in shades of blues and greens, sometimes blushing with red, orange or purple. Cacti and their other succulent counterparts, showing off in simple to artsy containers, are truly a hot gardening trend. They can be found in the floral section… Read more »

Hardscape Essentials: It takes more than plants to make a landscape

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What is it? Hardscape is not a catchy term for overly difficult gardening sites. It simply means the hard, durable parts of the landscape…the non-plant elements. Hardscaping elements are often chosen for function and directly or indirectly add beauty as well.  Hardscape can be used to: provide definition of different areas within a landscape, direct… Read more »

Protecting Plants From Common Pests

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One of the worse threats to your young flower and vegetable garden is hungry animals and birds. It only takes a few hours for a rabbit, bird, woodchuck, or deer to make a quick meal of your pampered transplants. Here are some strategies to keep these varmints away. Birds: Birds love to pull up young… Read more »