Cover It Up!

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Cover Crops; repaying the soil for the benefits we reap You may think that as the gardening season is winding down that it’s time to sit back and enjoy the harvest. Think again! Consider the age old practice of planting a cover crop, which has been around throughout agricultural history. Many home gardeners assume that… Read more »

Thoughts of Fall

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Fall evokes thoughts of crisp, cool air, geese flying overhead, and leaves crunching underfoot. Capture the spirit of autumn with an inviting display of plants near the doorway of your home. Your display can be as simple or fancy as you like, start with a basic potted container, and then add-on decorative accents. The first… Read more »

Are you out of your gourd?

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If you love to grow vegetables, but find you can never eat all your garden yields, here’s an alternative to researching new recipes in anticipation of your millionth tomato. Grow some decorative gourds in place of a portion of your usual edible veggies. Decorative gourds have potential as centerpieces, serving bowls, storage containers, birdhouses, and… Read more »

Annual Plant Combinations to Match Your Favorite Team’s Colors

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is easy to show your team spirit all season long by planting annual flower combinations that represent the colors of your favorite college or professional football team. RED is the most popular color in sports, and rightfully so.  Red stands for determination, energy and leadership.  Consider starting your container with a vibrant Geranium, such as Fantasia®… Read more »