Flower of November: Chrysanthemum

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What’s in a name: Chrysanthemum combines two words from the Greek language and means Golden Flower. History: Chrysanthemums have been used and revered by the Chinese since at least the early 15th century, according to the National Chrysanthemum Society USA, “As an herb, it was believed to have the power of life. Legend has it… Read more »

Those Gifted Orchids: A Bit of History

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Orchids are some of the plant world’s most beautiful and persistent survivors, with origins dating back to the time of the Tyrannosaurus! They come not from one genus, but from over 800 natural genera with more than 100,000 hybrids. While some Orchids grow in soil, many of the Orchids popular for our homes today actually… Read more »

November To-Do List

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Rake and compost large leaves from oak and maple trees. Smaller leaves from ash, honey locust, and birch trees may be chopped with a mulching mower when dry and left on your lawn. Spread clean straw, marsh hay or oak leaves over tender perennials, newly planted bulbs and strawberries before temperatures drop into the teens but after the… Read more »