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Our visit to the Chicago Flower and Garden Show

The 2015 Chicago Flower and Garden Show was spectacular this year! I thought I would share our photo album on this cold snowy day in Spring. I hope this brings a little cheer to your Tuesday! If you did not have a chance to visit the show this year, this album will give you an idea of what new products and ideas were showcased this year. If you made it to the show this year, you may find something you missed. After all the show does get packed quickly and it is easy to miss the little details.

This year’s theme was “Do Green. Do Good.” You will notice a few themes in all the gardens this year. Most gardens showcased one of more of Unilock’s products whether is was a brand new product released this year or past popular ones from their residential collection. Another product that was used throughout all the gardens was a stone that resembled the good old holey boulders. This stone was the rave back in the 1970s and 1980s. The stone showcased at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show was actually weathered limestone. Finally, the last theme throughout many of the gardens were fairy gardens. It was evident that fairy gardens don’t need to be in their own separate space, they are wonderful when mixed within a landscape bed or even used in a window flower box.

See the slideshow below…

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