Year in Review: 2015

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Enjoy our Year in Review video. Thank you to our wonderful customers and vendors for another successful year. It was a year full of many great memories including the addition of our new team member, Adam Marrin, as our operations manager. Other events this year included attending iLandscape in February at the Schaumburg Convention Center…. Read more »

Winter Care of Fish

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Feeding As fall approaches, your fish will have an increased appetite. During this time you should feed the fish more food, more frequently. The extra feeding helps the fish build up extra fat to help them survive the cold season ahead. When the water temperature drops to 45 degrees, the fish will stop feeding and… Read more »

4 Ways to Prevent Rodent Property Damage

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4 Ways to Prevent Rodent Property Damage Now more than ever rodents are prevalent in our homes and landscapes. Whether they are eating plants, burrowing behind retaining walls or stoops, or entering basements for warmth this winter they cause significant damage! Four ways to prevent rodents from damaging your property include removing debris from the… Read more »

Merry Wreaths

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Sleigh bells jingling; children caroling; the warm, sweet scent of treats fresh from the oven: The winter holidays are a magical time filled with goodwill and the good company of family and friends. Such a special time of year deserves to be celebrated with special decorations. So this season, why not move beyond the old… Read more »

Poinsettia Care Tips

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To choose the perfect poinsettia: Pick a plant with small, tightly clustered buds in the center. Look for crisp, bright, undamaged foliage. Avoid plants displayed in drafty or crowded areas. To keep the poinsettia blooming: When surface soil is dry to the touch, water thoroughly. Discard excess water in the saucer. To prolong color, keep… Read more »