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2016 Unilock Awards of Excellence

2016 Unilock Awards of Excellence recognizes top designers and contractors for outstanding and skillful work. Bret-Mar Landscape was a top finalist in Unilock’s “Best project under 1,000 square feet”. Over 450 projects were submitted this year and only 9 were selected as top finalists in this category. As a very popular category, projects must display an outstanding use of space and particular attention to every detail to be considered a top finalist.
Bret-Mar’s entry involved a multi-level back yard entertaining space with specific materials chosen to achieve the client’s vision of a modern rustic feel. The back yard of this home was a challenge due to drastic grade changes, long narrow space, and village code/requirements.

A new deck space designed by Bret-Mar allowed the homeowner to walk directly out their back door for access to the grill or dining space without needing to use stairs. This was the most cost effective way when working with tough elevations, but it also allowed for another element, cedar, to be incorporated for the modern rustic style.

Other materials included Unilock’s Torino in bluestone color and Townhall in a variety of the orange to red tones with the basalt as an accent. Both of these products were chosen for the flat work of the two lower level spaces.

The walls were created from Unilock’s Rivercrest and Estate Wall products. Estate wall was used on the lower portion of the walls underground and on the back side. This was done to allow for a strong base and structure since Estate Wall is meant for retaining at the heights this project required. Rivercrest was used on the top portion for more aesthetic purposes. While using the patio, no one would even know the difference as you can see below. Rivercrest was used to create beautiful seat walls around a stunning square fire pit.

Rivercrest pillars around the base of the pergola took a lot of determination and strength to install. These pillars come in square units and required the crew to hoist them over the tall pergola base after the village inspected the footings.
Patterns of the products were chosen to allow for efficient use of material as well as creating the modern rustic style. Landscape plant material was installed to provide the homeowner’s with privacy and add soft color and texture to the backyard space. Outdoor lighting was added for safety, extended use of outdoor space, and of course the drama!

This project was incredible to work on. This unique back yard space will allow the homeowners to enjoy with family and friends for years to come!