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Bret-Mar Landscape is the leading design and build company in the Chicago-land area.

1. Water lawn 2 to 3 times a week

  • Follow watering restrictions
  • Have irrigation contractor check your system for efficiency
  • Early morning watering allows for the left over moisture to burn up. If watered at night it can cause a fungal disease or other problems
  • Want deep thorough watering so the roots penetrate deeper into the soil

2. Fertilizer and Weed Control

  • Hire a lawn maintenance company or contact your current lawn care technician for recommended products
  • Always try to use a balanced fertilizer
  • Too high of nitrogen can lead to problems with your lawn
  • Fertilize and use weed control at least 3 times a year, some companies recommend up to 5 times a year

3. Aerate lawn once a year.

  • The best time to have this done is in the fall
  •  This relieves the heavy compaction of the clay soil

4. Don’t mow lawn as often during drought

  • Set your mower at two and a half inches high