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It is important to be familiar with salt spray tolerant species when deciding where to plant. A tree will not survive long or reach its full growing potential if it is planted in unacceptable conditions. Just as humans are picky about the food we eat, trees are picky about the soil and other variables around them. Below is a list of trees that have proven to tolerate salt spray and therefore are great options for parkway trees or trees used along side the road for screening or windbreak.

Gymnocladus dioicus
Kentucky Coffee Tree

This wonderful tree is gaining popularity as it helps replace Ash Trees removed due to the Emerald Ash Borer. It makes a great parkway or shade tree as it is drought and salt spray tolerant. The easiest way to identify a Kentucky Coffee Tree is by the long brown seed pods.

Larix species
Larch Species

This pyramidal shaped tree is rarely seen in a residential or commercial setting. It is an interesting tree because it has soft light green needles that actually drop in fall. If you are looking for something unusual, this is the tree to plant.

Picea pungens
Colorado Spruce

This common evergreen is overused in today’s landscapes, but it is great for many situations. This tough tree is used for wind breaks and screening. It is best known and identified for the showy greenish blue foliage.

Pinus nigra
Austrian Pine

This Pine is dark, dense, and long needled. It makes a great wind break and screen for residential or commercial sites.

Abies concolor
White Fir

This award winning evergreen is quite the desirable in the landscape. It has blue-green foliage when mature. New growth appears much lighter. It makes for another great wind break and privacy screen.