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This is a great checklist of landscape things to do for the month of September:

  1. over-seed bare spots in lawn (excellent time to seed, cool weather and more rain)
  2. aerate lawn (Contact lawn care company)
  3. great time to plant new evergreens (nice cool weather for new plantings, less stress)
  4. water plants deeply if weather is dry (Winter is dry, evergreens need extra water especially)
  5. schedule fall fertilization and clean-up (Get the leaves off the ground)
  6. start planning to protect plants from deer damage and winter injury (There are sprays/mists on the market)
  7. plant bulbs (Watch out for the chipmunks in fall and spring! They like to devour bulbs)

Many of these activities will help plants better survive the Winter months. If special care is taken, the plants will come back in Spring as healthy as ever.