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8 Garden Tasks To Complete This Fall is your fall to do list for a happy and healthy landscape.

•Cut down perennials and grasses
Perennials and Ornamental Grasses can be cut down in Spring or Fall. In some situations perennials and ornamental grasses offer beautiful color and texture throughout the winter season and are therefore cut back in spring. Most commonly these plants are cut back in fall due to the snow cover that will soon be arriving.

•Clean up leaves and other debris from lawn and landscape beds
Removal of all debris from lawn and landscape is extremely important for several reasons. Debris and leaves left behind invite insects and animals to feed on remaining foliage and roots. It is also important to make sure the lawn is receiving proper amount of oxygen, air flow, and sun light to be happy and healthy next spring.

•Spray broadleaf evergreens with anti-desiccant
Anti-desiccant spray is a coating that protects foliage from the harsh winds, sun reflection, and dry air during the winter months. The spray allows the foliage to hold more moisture and ultimately prevent winter burn. The product should not be applied too early, but must be done before daily temperature high drops to freezing. This is most commonly used on Boxwoods.

•Water all evergreen and broadleaf plants
Before putting the hose away for winter make sure to give these trees and shrubs a good soaking. This will help them stay healthy through the dry winter months.

•Plant spring bulbs 2014-11-06 08.31.42Now is the time to plant your spring flowering bulbs. These include bulbs such as Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinths, Muscari, Fritillaria, Crocus, Alliums, and much more!

•Spray plants with rabbit and deer deterrent
Keep a close eye on plants such as Roses and Burning Bush as the rabbits love to munch on them at this time of year. Deer typically go after Densi Yews & Hicks Yews once the snow begins to fall. If you have this issue spray plants with a deterrent to protect them from devastating destruction.

•Renewal or rejuvenation pruning of shrubs
Renewal and rejuvenation pruning are two ways to keep shrubs healthy and in control. Certain shrubs require one technique over the other. Identify your shrub before deciding which technique is best. Renewal pruning is the less aggressive approach. It involves removing 1/3 of the old wood. Rejuvenation pruning is more aggressive because it involves cutting the shrub to or near the ground. Again, not all shrubs will tolerate this so please identify the shrub and speak to an expert before doing.

•Hand rake lawn
Hand raking the lawn in fall not only removes leaves from the surface, but also removes the thatch. This will make for a healthier lawn in the spring.