Acorns Driving You Nuts?

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Try This Tool for Quick Acorn Clean Up! Anyone who has a mature Oak on their property knows that it’s a love-hate relationship with this tree. The mess dropped from the spring flowers is easy enough to clean up with light raking and mowing, but acorns in the fall are another story. Oaks are beautiful trees and provide… Read more »

Rain Barrel Basics

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The use of a rain barrel can help reduce pollution, improve water quality, conserve water, improve plant health and save money. Benefits Watering plants from a rain barrel reduces the environmental pollution produced just in getting water flowing to and then from your garden tap. No need for electricity to pump it from a well or a… Read more »

Grilling Up Garden Goodness

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Herbs, veggies and grills are perfect summer partners! Just as in the kitchen, herbs and veggies team well with each other or with meat, poultry or fish, on the grill. Here are some “What goes with what?” suggestions: •    Asparagus- chervil, dill, tarragon •    Broccoli- caraway, dill, mint, oregano •    Brussels sprouts- basil, borage, caraway,… Read more »

A Hot and Juicy-Leaved Trend…. Mixed Succulent Containers

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Have you seen them? They’re everywhere lately… flaunting their plump, fuzzy, pokey twisty or flat-leaved stuff…in shades of blues and greens, sometimes blushing with red, orange or purple. Cacti and their other succulent counterparts, showing off in simple to artsy containers, are truly a hot gardening trend. They can be found in the floral section… Read more »