Winter Burn

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Many plants suffered this winter from the harsh temperatures, wind, and accumulated snow. As you drive to work or take a walk through the neighborhood, the evidence is everywhere. Most evergreen plant material including shrubs, trees, and even groundcover will struggle this spring. What is winter burn? Winter burn happens because evergreens are losing moisture… Read more »

Tinley Park Home & Garden Show

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Bret-Mar Landscape participated in the annual Tinley Park Home & Garden Show at the Tinley Park Convention Center this past Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It was a great event to connect homeowners with local contractors and businesses. Spring was in the air with our lovely display garden full of tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils. Many garden… Read more »

5 Salt Spray Tolerant Trees

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It is important to be familiar with salt spray tolerant species when deciding where to plant. A tree will not survive long or reach its full growing potential if it is planted in unacceptable conditions. Just as humans are picky about the food we eat, trees are picky about the soil and other variables around… Read more »

2014 Inaugural iLandscape Show

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After the passing of the nationally recognized and well respected MidAm show was the birth of a whole new trade show with quite a future. iLandscape was developed within a year and had its first debut this February. Bret-Mar Landscape was proud to participate and support the inaugural iLandscape trade show and Illinois Landscape Contractors… Read more »