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Are the birds eating you out of house and home this winter? Why not provide  food sources other than bird seed. Try supplementing your bird feeder with plants. Many plants including trees, shrubs, perennials, and grasses have seeds and berries that provide food for birds. Here is a great list of Midwest plants for you to use in your home landscape:

  • Viburnum dentatum – Arrowwood Viburnum
  • Viburnum acerifolium – Maple-leaf Viburnum
  • Rhus aromatica – Fragrant Sumac
  • Ilex verticillata – Common Winterberry
  • Juniperus horizontalis ‘Wiltoni’ – Blue Rug Creeping Juniper
  • Schizachyrium scoparium – Little Bluestem
  • Andropogon gerardii – Big Bluestem
  • Malus ioensis – Prairie Crabapple
  • Acer rubrum – Red Maple
  • Tilia americana – American Basswood
Blue Jay snacking on peanuts and berries (Picture taken by customer)