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Spring is the season of renewal. You’ve heard that hope springs eternal; well
the soul of every gardener contains the seeds of hope. As we wander about
the garden we look for signs of life. It could be found in the tips of a prized
hosta, gently nosing its way through a blanket of mulch or perhaps in the early
blooms of forsythia and dogwood. Enthusiastic gardeners can hardly wait, their
basements already lined with grow-lights and seeds that started sprouting back
in February.

Our growing season is well under way and the air is rich with the moist scent
of fertile soil. Although the temperatures outside might still be chilly, inside the
greenhouse it looks and feels like spring.

Every new spring brings about bright optimism. Perhaps a new garden to
plan-that longed for herb or perennial garden, or maybe you’ll create an oasis
for butterflies. Who knows what wonders await us. A milder than usual winter
has created a tense anticipation. It is hard to tell which is worse-109 inches of
snow or a barren, brown, wind-swept landscape that lies beneath a gray sky. As
gardeners, we know that spring can never come soon enough!

We invite you to renew your spirit with a pot of spring sunshine. Our
greenhouses are filled with colorful hydrangeas, gardenias, azaleas, primroses,
reiger begonias and more-you will feel like you have just strolled into spring!
When the winter wears on longer than any of us would like, what your soul
desires most is the warmth of the sun, splashes of vibrant color and the scent of
warm earth between your fingers.