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Container Planting With Summer Annuals

Part 1 – Choosing the Container


It’s that time of the year to begin planting, if you have not done so already, your summer containers. Although it looks like an easy task of choosing plants with flower colors that complement each other, there is a lot more to it in order to achieve the professional look. A gardener needs to take into consideration the foliage texture and color of plants and have a strong understanding of how the plant grows.


First of all, a gardener needs to choose the type of container they are planting in. This will determine the plants that can be used. If the container is free standing, the size and depth play a large role in the amount and size of plants it can hold. One rule of thumb about free standing containers is that the focal point or ornamental plant which should provide height for the planter, needs to be approximately one and half times the height of the container. The reason for this is to make sure the scale between the container and plants work together and the container does not overpower the plants. If a small container or even one with a small opening, but a large base is selected this really limits the plant choices. Sometimes the tall focal plant will be all the fits. Take a look at the size pot the plant comes in when it is purchased from the store.


If the container is a hanging basket or window box, plants are chosen for different reasons. In the case of the hanging basket, one must consider the height and placement of the basket. Most baskets are hung under a porch or tree canopy where little sunlight is available. The idea of the hanging baskets is to find plants that can survive the location and plants that crawl and hang over the edge. If a window box is used, one must consider the placement of the box. Is the box right in front of a window or is it hanging on a porch railing? When choosing plants for this container, one needs to choose plants that will not cover the window, but can still be enjoyed from inside the home.


Please visit our website for examples of finished containers. Also, don’t go for an out of this world container. Look for something neutral that will fit your home’s style. A busy, colorful container will be distracting. Here is the link to our website: Season Rotation