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Bret-Mar Landscapes is the leading build and design company in the Chicago-land area.

Sharon Bretl-Marrin  participated in two seminars on ‘Colorful Chicago’ and ‘Seasons in the City’ at the Garden in a City. Garden in a City, America’s first garden and landscape design show focusing on urban horticulture and the greening of urban communities, had its debut in Chicago’s Grant Park May 13-May 21, 2006.

This new, in-ground show provides an unprecedented experience for residents of the Chicago metro area and visitors to the city. It features practical, grassroots approaches to gardening in urban areas and small spaces, and showcases how the greening of rooftops and public spaces improves our communities and quality of life.

The show is being organized by the Chicago Park District, City of Chicago (whose motto is “Urbs in horto” or “city in a garden”) and the Parkways Foundation, the Park District’s philanthropic partner. Target, the presenting sponsor, will treat visitors to a sneak peek of summer through a whimsical red and white garden.

Garden in a City will feature display gardens demonstrating how to design and plant gardens in urban settings such as bungalow yards, townhouse balconies, backyard decks and building rooftops. Displays will be created by leading landscape architects, landscape designers and landscape contractors in the Chicago area.