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Help! Rabbits Are Eating My Plants

Now that the snow has melted away and the bitter cold is gone, we are all spending a few more minutes outside. Well today I noticed there has been significant damage to certain plants in my yard. I am not just talking about the cold weather, heavy snow, and ice. I am talking about rabbits! Go take a close glance at some of your plant material and tell me what you see. Hopefully it is not this…
2014-03-15 16.27.51

This small Crab was just planted last fall. The rabbits have devoured the lower branches as you can see in the picture above. A Crab is not usually the first choice plant of a rabbit, but this winter was long and cold so just about everything was up for grabs. The accumulated snow did not help; it only acted as a stepping stool for rabbits to reach further up the plant. Now you might think your shorter plants that were buried under the snow are safe, take another look. Below is what is left of my Azaleas and a little present left for me. I won’t be seeing their lovely pink flowers this spring!
2014-03-15 16.28.02

Typically a homeowner will see most rabbit damage in the back yard. This year was not the case. In my front yard the rabbits mowed down my roses! Who would have thought? That is most definitely not the most appetizing plant, unless you like thorns.
Surprisingly, my Burning Bush only suffered a few broken branches. Typically Burning Bush is the go to plant for a rabbit; it’s like the Fannie May Chocolate of plants.

Burning Bush

What can we do to save our plants? Cut our losses and begin spraying to deter the rabbits. There are a lot of products available on the market. Some require to be sprayed directly on the plant, while others can be sprayed on the ground around the plant. One of our favorites here at our nursery is Liquid Fence. It works great, if you don’t mind the smell of rotten eggs. Now of course it only smells when first applied, once it dries the odor goes away. Act quickly and save your plants!