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The third annual iLandscape event took place on February 3rd-5th this year and it was a huge success! For those who may not be familiar, iLandcape is a tradeshow for landscape industry professionals. The event kicks off the new season and is a great opportunity to check out new products, attend educational seminars, and network with other companies like Bret-Mar Landscape!


Learning about new and trending products is one of our favorite aspects of the event. Here are a few of the trends we learned about this year:

Plant trends – edible plants, such as raspberry and blueberry, have been modified to grow in a more compact and residential friendly habit, making it easier to grow your own!
Pavement & stone trends – Concrete pavers are trending in larger slabs with natural surface texture, color blends. Porcelain and Natural Stone products have come a long way with beautiful imports from India and Italy.
Growing trends – Plant breeders and growers continue to work towards disease and insect resistance, better cold hardiness, and more compact plants available for the urban landscape. This is great news for professional landscapers and those who enjoy DIY landscaping projects!

One of the highlights of the show for us was when Ashley, our office manager and landscape architect, was able to meet Dr. Michael Dirr. Dr. Dirr is an extremely well known and respected professor and horticulturist. He has published many books and is truly a master of the trade! Having him attend iLandscape and meet with a member of our team is an honor.

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Ashley with Dr. Michael Dirr

iLandscape was a great way to kick of the spring season and has motivated us to make this spring our best one yet! Contact us today to learn more about our experience and schedule your spring landscaping service!