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iLandscape 2020

Bret-Mar Landscape participated in this year’s iLandscape. We attend to continue our education and stay up to date on current styles and trends. The show brings together landscape suppliers, contractors, plant growers, and more. Having the ability to network with other professionals gives us the opportunity to gain knowledge to help us serve our clients better. Every year the education sessions tend to be our favorite aspect of the show. It gives us the opportunity to update our expertise and refresh our design intentions. iLandscape is a great place to learn about new and trending products, here are some we found this year:

Plant trends for 2020

 Native plant material, hardy plants for changing climate, houseplants, aquaponics, pollinators.

Native plant material is a great option for those wanting to restore the natural ecosystem to their landscape. However, some of these plants can be unsightly. Plant breeders are working hard to create more visually pleasant varieties of native species.

Pavement, stone, and accessory trends for 2020

Fire features, new colors!

First, modern style is persisting in the landscape. This includes monochrome colors and large pavers. Large sized pavers are still all the rage in residential landscapes, while clay pavers are surging in popularity. The benefits of clay pavers are their strength and resistance to color fading. In addition, concrete pavers are versatile and come in almost any shape, size, or color. Trending colors include muted tones, soft neutral colors, and multi-dimensional shades. Unilock’s Beacon Hill has a fantastic new color for 2020. The color is Fossil and is a light creamy color with striking shades of brown and gray showing through.Without a doubt, this color will be a popular one in 2020!

Also, fire features have been prevalent in the landscape for decades. Innovative fire features are becoming more common in the landscape. There are fire tables, fireplaces, and new smoke and light tables that give the look of fire, but allow for under roof applications. Furthermore, water features have made a come back in the modern landscape. Technology has changed this feature from a maintenance heavy aspect to a peaceful addition to any garden. Fully integrated water features are changing how we think about water in the garden. New aquaponic systems that come as a singular units provide the benefits without the hassle.


Growing trends for 2020

Finally, growers are working toward improved varieties of native species, compact versions of plants to better fit in residential spaces, and hardy plants to handle difficult growing conditions.

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