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Background Story…

Hi, my name is Tucker. You may have seen me on your visit to the office. I am a 4 year old Dachshund and was adopted by my mom Ashley. I get to come to work with my mom at Bret-Mar Landscape. Over the last few years I have become an expert on plant material because I take walks in the nursery every day. I have officially become the office mascot of Bret-Mar Landscape and would like to introduce you to my new series, Tucker’s Plant of the Week! Once a week I will choose one of my favorite plants and share why you should include it in your garden.

This week’s Plant of the Week: Vinca minor

Vinca minorĀ or also commonly known as Periwinkle is a wonderful groundcover. I like it best because it creates a lush bed in the shade for me to cool off in during the hot summer days. It also keeps out those pesky weeds so you don’t have to apply chemicals that could be potentially harmful to me. It has a pretty blue flower that emerges in spring and continues through early summer. I think the blue flowers bring out the pretty blue colors in my collar. Below is more information about the plant:

  • Plant type: Perennial Groundcover, Evergreen
  • Growth Rate: Fast
  • Flower: Color – blue, spring to early summer
  • Light Requirements: Shade
  • Other Features: Deer resistant, easy to grow, very low maintenance

Take a look at my introduction video below to get insights on my daily routine! I hope you enjoyed my 1st Plant of the Week post. Come back and visit next week.

Yours Truly,

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