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It is exciting to hear that one town is choosing to fight back against the Emerald Ash Borer. This insect is threatening our population of Ash Species. What once was the most popular tree used in residential street scapes, boulevards, right of ways, and landscapes is now about to be extinct. This tree offers, in my opinion, the best fall color, shape, and size. Naperville agreed to put an additional $355,321 into preserving these trees. The city has created a five point scale in which they assess the health of each tree. All the trees are continually monitored, treated, or removed. The companies working with Naperville plan to target the borers’ at the larvae stage.

Below are a few numbers to show how the Emerald Ash Borer has impacted or will impact Naperville alone

16,300 parkway trees in Naperville are Ash (This does not even include the thousands of trees located in parks, homeowner’s yards, or commercial landscapes!!)

94% of the parkway trees at this time show little or no damage from EAB (Success!)

$833,074 is the total amount of money the city has set aside to fight EAB for the 2013 and 2014 fiscal years

Check out Naperville’s website for more information on EAB, how Naperville’s Ash are being treated, and how to identify if you have an Ash on your property. Click here to visit the site!

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