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Our perennials have arrived! We are truly excited about our perennial order for this season. We are proud to announce that we are now growing a few new perennials. Emet and his crews have just finished potting everything up and the youngins’ have been placed in the warm houses to begin their growing process. Our list of new perennials for this season include:

Astilbe ‘Snowdrift’-Lovely white flower to brighten up that shady spot

Carex ‘Banana Boat’-A newer sedge grass to the perennial world

Ceratostigma plumbaginoides-Wonderful low growing & flowering groundcover we fell in love with at the Morton Arboretum

Coreopsis ‘Full Moon’- Provides that same lovely yellow flower with just a little different foliage

Echinacea ‘PowWow White’-This Echinacea is new and has proven itself in trials. No deadheading required here

Echinacea ‘PowWow Wild Berry’- This Echinacea like the one above are faster to flower and genetically shorter than most varieties

Geranium ‘Rozanne’-Loved this plant last year; Flowers all the way through fall! Just a new color to try

Heuchera ‘Georgia Peach’-This variety provides a brighter color foliage than the burgundy we are used to

Hemerocallis ‘Chicago Apache’-The hardy plant we have always known, just another fun flower color

Iberis ‘Little Gem’-Cute and petite groundcover with white flowers

Lamium ‘Purple Dragon’-Weed smothering groundcover with purple flowers

Leucanthemum ‘Crazy Daisy’-Fringed and frilly flower

Phlox subulata ‘Emerald Pink’- Low growing perennial with a little something to show in early spring

Thymus ‘Coccineus’-Evergreen groundcover that has it all, bright pink flowers and attractive fall color

This wonderful list is full of many genus we have always been familiar with, but developers always come up with fun and interesting species and/or varieties.