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Every homeowner has wonderful ideas and plans for their home landscape, but organizing the ideas and figuring out what is most important when it comes to a budget it challenging. Fill out this chart below to help keep yourself in check. This chart can also be converted for use of indoor improvements as well. This is a great worksheet to show to your landscaper at the initial meeting. Have fun!

Use the chart below to rate the following ideas 1 to 5 in order of importance

1 = Least Important

5 = Most Important


_____ A vegetable garden

_____ Flower beds with a variety of plants

_____ A larger deck or patio for entertaining

_____ A water feature (Swimming pool, pond, waterfall)

_____ Protected play space for children

_____ Storage

_____ A sport court (Tennis, volleyball, basketball)

_____ Privacy from neighbors or street

_____ Protection from weather (Cold winter wind, hot summer sun)

_____ Increased parking

_____ A shady area

_____ A landscape conducive to year round use

_____ Attract wildlife

_____ Low maintenance

_____ Native plants

_____ Outdoor kitchen, fire pit, fire place

_____ “Green” (rain barrel, permeable pavers)

_____ Particular element, theme, or style you want to see repeated_________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Additional Wishes:___________________________________________________________________________________________