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How to Plant a Fall Container


Fall containers can easily take the place of your summer annual containers.  Since the fall annual season is short, you may want to think about limiting the amount of containers.  Just as you read in the Summer Container Planting article, a good container makes all the difference.  It is important to have a container with a wide top and a neutral color. This way it allows for color and a variety of plants.  Here is an example of our fall containers here at the office:



In this container we started with a perennial Dwarf Fountain Grass to provide height and fine texture.   Ornamental grasses are great for fall containers because they have wonderful colors between the foliage and the plumes.  Then we added a cold hardy Coneflower to add yellow and orange fall color, while also providing height.  The Coneflower stands out with the Dwarf Fountain Grass because of its thicker texture.  Next, we popped in a medium height groundcover called Plumbago.  This is a common groundcover found in residential landscapes that has a beautiful blue fall flower.   Finally, we used Ornamental Pepper as our low plant.  The Ornamental Peppers provide bright colors such as orange, yellow, red, and even purple.  Finally, we set a few gourds to finish off with fall touch.


These containers are great for entry ways such as the front porch or front walkway!  They are also much different than the usual fall Mum displays.  Try adding a corn stalk, pumpkins, or even a straw bale for an even showier display.