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Want to learn a quick and easy tip for sprucing up your home for the holidays? Well then drag out those large planter pots used for summer annuals that were stored away for the winter and place them around your home. Great places for these pots are right next to the front door, the front walkway, near the mailbox or driveway entrance, or even on the back patio in a place seen from inside the house. Then walk around the yard and collect items such as Dogwood twigs in yellow or red, and evergreen branches including Spruce, Arborvitae, Juniper, Boxwood or anything else you can find. Arrange your collections in the pot by putting the dogwood branches in the center to give height and place the evergreen branches around the Dogwood twigs. The best way to layout the evergreens is to stand some straight up and lay others flat. Be loose! Don’t worry about making it look perfect, it should look natural. Also, look for pine cones that could be used as an accent piece. Cover the pine cones in a silver or gold glitter and set them in the front of the pot or attach them to stick for a different look. Finally, search through your old holiday decorations for ribbon to make a bow or tie around the pot for that extra touch. If you can’t find these items around your home, they can all be found at a local garden center. Check out the local Christmas tree farms or vendors for scrap branches as well.  Have Fun!