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Tucker’s Plant Of The Week: Perovskia atriplicifolia (Russian Sage)

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Perovskia atriplicifolia or commonly known as Russian Sage is a wonderful hardy perennial for full sun planting beds. Russian Sage is one of the few plants in my yard that the rabbits do not eat. I am so glad to have one less area to patrol! The tall spike like airy foliage has a distinct aroma of sage and mint which is what I love the most about this plant. For example, I can roll in all sorts of fun things in my back yard, walk through the Russian Sage bed a few times, and then walk into the house and no one tries to give me a bath.

Russian Sage grows to be about three or four feet tall and wide. When planting, make sure to allow for adequate space as the plants mature quickly. The purple flowers emerge in early July and continue to flower through Fall. Also, keep in mind that the flowers do tend to attract bees.

  • Foliage Color: Gray/Green
  • Care: Easy, resistant to most insects and diseases
  • Water Needs: Drought tolerant
  • Maintenance: Cut back in early spring or fall. Will tolerate hand pruning in summer if plant is getting too wide or encroaching on a walkway.
  • Flower: Makes a great cut flower for arrangements
  • Planting Recommendation: Mixes well with other perennials for a wildflower or cottage garden look. Also adds texture to a formal landscape when paired with Boxwood.

Have fun gardening!

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