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Tucker’s Plant of the Week: Malus ‘Louisa’

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Malus ‘Louisa’ is an ornamental tree commonly known as Weeping Louisa. It is a flowering crabapple that has a lot to offer in every season. The Weeping Louisa has an interesting shape with graceful cascading branches that flow to the ground. My mom thinks of it as an art piece and she stands out there staring at it for what seems like hours to just prune one little branch. She thinks she created this beautiful masterpiece, but honestly, the tree does all the work. The best part is that the cascading branches reach the ground just perfectly for me to enjoy the sweet smell of the spring blooms. If I find mom has pruned the lower branches… lets just say that new spring rabbit pillow she just bought might not be in one piece when she gets home from work.

Once the Weeping Louisa has finished flowering, small yellow crabapples appear. They do not drop to the ground, believe me I would know. Usually, the birds hog them all. The fruit is edible and very desirable, so I hear.

Other attributes include:

  • Very low maintenance
  • Blooms in April. A red bud opening to a pink flower.
  • Likes to be planted in full sun
  • Attracts birds and butterflies
  • Fruit is persistent (clings to the tree all winter)
  • Excellent disease resistance to things such as apple scab or cedar apple rust
  • Best used as a specimen plant
  • Can grow to be 15 feet tall if desired

As always, have fun gardening!

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