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Ornamental Flowering Tree

The unusual spring weather has confused and even stressed our trees, shrubs, and perennials!

You may notice tip die back on maples this spring. The warm weather caused the maple buds to open early and now the chilly weather could stress them. Keep an eye on the maples. If you are concerned contact your trusted arborist for advice or treatment. Also, with the maples there is an over abundance of samaras or as everyone knows them “helicopters.” This fruit should be cleaned up as is falls to prevent any seed germination.

During these cold nights when the temperature drops below freezing it never hurts to throw a sheet over your perennials or flowering shrubs. This will prevent frost damage to perennials and shrub flower buds.

Unfortunately, with the warm weather the flowering pattern has been thrown off. Almost everything is flowering at once and much earlier than usual. Don’t be concerned if some plants are not as far along as they should be. Keep in mind we are approximately 6 weeks ahead of last year.

This is the perfect time to fertilize your plant material and apply preventative weed control. Don’t forget your perennials can always use a top dressing of mulch or mushroom compost for extra nutrients and protection from the weather.