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Hi everyone, Winston here, I have some cool stuff to show you this week! We have been very busy at the office lately, so I haven’t had time to do my research until now, but I have a great read for you today!

I found this interesting plant at our office when mom and I went on a walk. It is called Hydrangea arborescens ‘Annabelle’ or Annabelle Hydrangea. This shrub caught my eye because it has big round flowers all over and large attractive foliage. The foliage is a dark green which makes the pure white flowers truly pop.

We decided to stop and snap a quick picture so I can show off the beautiful flowers that form on this shrub. Some other names for Annabelle are Smooth Hydrangea or Hill Of Snow. The Annabelle is great because it can be planted in part sun and shade. It flowers from mid summer, usually around the Fourth of July, into early fall.

It really likes water, so make sure to plant it somewhere where it will not dry out too fast. If it does not receive enough water, it will have a wilting appearance. They tend to grow about five feet tall and wide and make great filler shrubs as the natural habit tends to be mounded. Annabelles also makes great backdrop for pictures, especially when they are in bloom.

This cultivar of hydrangea is naturally occurring and was discovered near Anna, Illinois. If you want to plant this shrub in its natural habitat where it will thrive, a great place would be a woodland type landscape. This plant is also great for mass plantings, cut flower gardens, border planting, and firescaping.

Fire scaping is when you use plant material to reduce the risk of fire damage to a home. The Annabelle hydrangea is great because of the high water content of the stems and foliage. This plant is extremely versatile and is great for any kind of landscape.

I hope you think this article is helpful. It is time for me to go back to work, cousin Ellie Mae and I have been working hard thinking of new ways to help mom around the office. Come by to see us soon!

Thanks for reading!