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Koi FishFeeding

As fall approaches, your fish will have an increased appetite. During this time you should feed the fish more food, more frequently. The extra feeding helps the fish build up extra fat to help them survive the cold season ahead. When the water temperature drops to 45 degrees, the fish will stop feeding and become less active. Stop feeding when they stop eating.


During the winter months it is imperative to keep part of the water surface unfrozen. Some ways to accomplish this are:

  • Use a floating heater made for this use.
  • Keep your waterfall running during the winter. The moving water doesn’t freeze, and ice formations on the rocks provide beautiful sculpture-like accents.
  • Build a frame out of wood and cover with plastic. Place the frame over one end of the pond. The frame will keep ice from forming underneath. Note:make sure there is a space between water and frame.
  • Keep a pump bubbling just below the water surface. The constant water movement will keep an open area in the ice.


During winter months, you don’t have to filter the pond.

Shallow Ponds

If your pond is less than 15 inches deep, you may choose to bring your fish inside for the winter. Keep them in a large tub in the basement, making sure the container is large enough to accommodate your winter guest. If you bring fish inside, you can continue feeding.