You will need to provide the landscape architect with a copy of your plat of survey. Please make sure it is a copy the landscape architect can take with them and make notes on. When making the copy, please make sure the scale of the survey is maintained. Our landscape architects also welcome any photos of certain landscape elements, ideas, or styles you would like to see incorporated into your project.

Yes. Our design services begin at $275 and increase depending on the scope of the project. The landscape architect will quote the design fee at the consultation meeting. Design fees are refundable if we install the project.

Your landscape architect will do a final walk through of your project and explain how to complete ongoing landscape maintenance. You will also be provided with a plant care brochure that will explain water and care instructions for each type of plant. Your landscape architect or any of our office staff are always available by phone, e-mail, or to meet in person if you have any questions at all!

Shrubs and trees are under warranty for one year. One replacement per plant is permitted. Customer must follow watering and care instructions to be eligible for warranty. The base of your hardscape project is under warranty for two years. Many manufacturers have their own warranty on the product itself. For example, Unilock has a lifetime warranty.

Depending on the scale of your project and the time of year, you can expect about a two week landscape design period from the time we meet for our consultation to the presentation stage. Spring is always a busy time of the year, so do allow for more time during that period to work through the design process.

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