Sample Landscape Maintenance Program

Count on Bret-Mar Landscape, Inc. to orchestrate a custom maintenance plan that serves the needs of your landscape. Below is an example of some of the techniques our group of professionally trained landscapers will implement to get the greatest benefit our of your property.

Early Spring (April)

  • Remove debris from garden beds that accumulated over winter to reduce disease
  • Physically remove weeds by hand pulling, digging, or cultivating
  • Check all downspout connections and check for clear drainage pipes
  • Remove any dead plants or dead branches to reduce disease
  • Lightly shape and trim off any winter damage on evergreens
  • Custom hand prune as required to remove deadwood and thin out mature shrubs
  • Apply pre-emergent weed control in garden beds
  • Hand spade garden beds that are not edged with bullet pavers
  • Cut down perennials and ornamental grasses
  • Fertilize plants with a 10-10-10 balanced fertilizer
  • Top dress garden beds with 15 yards of premium shredded bark mulch

Late Spring (May)

  • Plant seasonal color in beds and pots and use a foliar fertilizer (price TBD)
  • Lightly shape/trim plants as needed with correct cultural methods
  • Check for weeds
  • Check for insects and/or diseases on plants

Summer (July)

  • Lightly shape/trim early spring flowering shrubs and ornamental trees using correct cultural methods
  • Custom hand prune to stimulate new growth and remove suckers
  • Check on seasonal color plantings and pots, and apply a foliar fertilizer
  • Check for weeds in garden beds
  • Check for insects and/or diseases on plants
  • Hand spade beds that are not edged with bullet pavers
  • Monitor garden beds for irrigation

Early Fall (September)

  • Check for weeds in garden beds
  • Stock up on firewood (Price TBD)
  • Change out seasonal color for garden beds and pots (Price TBD)

Fall (November)

  • Spray Wilt-Pruf on boxwoods to prevent winter desiccation
  • Prepare beds for winter by cutting back perennials
  • Remove all annual plantings
  • Clean leaf debris out of beds & take to nursery to recycle
  • Trim down weak plants for rejuvenation

If you are interested in starting your landscape maintenance program, be sure to give our team a call today! We serve New Lenox, Naperville IL and surrounding towns.

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